Week 6 — Art Activity — Intermedia

The idea I chose to approach in my piece was the concept of the boosts in family-togetherness and creativity amidst life in quarantine. Many are utilizing all this time inside as a chance for growth as people by doing things like learning new skills or working online. On top of this, more and more families are spending much needed quality time together and making the best of their situations though making memories together. There’s almost a feeling of huddling together with those we live with as an escape from the craziness of the world. I planned on utilizing either painting on canvas, Lego, or sculpting to try and express this idea but, clearly, Lego reigned supreme. It spoke to me in a way that the others just couldn’t. What better method of expression of being together as a family building memories and building off of what’s been thrown at us all than a system of building loved by families and people all around the globe? Specifically, my scene captures a family stuck at home, and as the night draws closer, everyone’s new skills begin to shine. Be it learning to cook for the first time, learning the guitar, or even making the best of the situation after so-called “graduation” by embracing online schooling, all is captured both from our perspective and even by a figure in the foreground of the shot itself. I feel like I couldn’t have captured this shot to my true liking if it weren’t through Lego. Painting would have felt too “flat” and the lighting of the situation to let the audience almost feel the day dying down wouldn’t have been quite there and the same definitely goes for sculpting. I’m actually very satisfied with the turnout, but the only thing I wish I could have changed that I didn’t realize until taking the photos was capturing the full interior of the house. What the camera didn’t quite pick up was a very cozy interior full of family members either playing music, cooking pizza, taking photos, and working on a laptop. Most of that was there and is clear to see when the audience tries to “mentally work themselves through” the windows and door to “come inside” but it wasn’t quite to my full liking. With some heavy, yet doable, modifications to the house I could’ve easily capture all of this but, at the same time, giving up the quaint and cozy feel that the house, and hopefully the photo, gives off.