Wk 12 — Art Activity — New Friends: Justin Smith


  1. I knew my partner from seeing his name pop-up from time-to-time in class and he seemed like a cool guy, but I didn’t know him very well beforehand.
  2. I’d say that I definitely know him a bit better now, but I think with time we could become closer friends if he wants to.
  3. I’d say that, yes, during our current situation of “pandemic isolation” that this is a way to help make new connections. I do think, however, that with only less than a week to try and make a connection, the new friendships aren’t going to be as strong as desired. Maybe if this project was a month long assignment, then the results would be interesting to compare.
  4. I feel like another way to try and build connections with people during “pandemic isolation” is to try and reach out online to groups that share your same interests and chat there to, in time, eventually meet up with our new online friends.
  5. My partner and I used texting to try and communicate with each other over the week and I’d say it worked fairly well. I think that the two of us definitely liked having the freedom to respond to the messages when we’re free versus trying to set up, say, Zoom calls or FaceTime calls, since our week this week both seemed very busy and stressful. I’d say that texting was probably the best tool to use in our scenario but maybe connecting over online video games could’ve worked too since we both like to play video games.
  6. I actually really enjoyed using Padlet and would recommend using it for future projects. The UI was super friendly and it didn’t take long to make a padlet that I was happy with. Maybe a Prezi could’ve worked for this assignment too, but Padlet felt much more user friendly and gave much more opportunities of creative control.
  7. If the goal over “pandemic isolation” was to try an build professional connections, I definitely think that texting could have worked but Skype/Zoom calls or phone calls would’ve probably been more ideal because of the more formal applications that can come with these methods. Texting feels a lot more informal and friendly while professional connections probably should stay away from that, at least initially.